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  • 31st October 2023

    New releases

    Manually entering temperatures in the LD-Control app
    Domestic Legionella Risk Assessments (Contact Sales)
    Add your Risk Assessors CV


    Support developments

    New customer support Help Centre
    Message us on WhatsApp
    Opening days during Christmas



    Custom report functionality

    New ETI thermometer 

    29 Sep, 2023

  • 30th August 2023

    New releases

    • Conclusion now available in the LD-Inspect app
    • Chemical test entry through the web portal
      Trend analyses for sampling and temperature checks
    • Working in Teams in LegionellaDossier 
    • Group technical recommendations per problem

    Coming soon

    • Manually entering temperatures in the LD-Control app
    • Sampling packages - select multiple samples in one click

    30 Aug, 2023

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